We all have a story

Some people think about the role that others play in the story of their life. I always wonder how could I be a part of their story. What is their story?

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We all have a story innately created within us. A story made up of struggle, success, experiences and perception …

There is a way to capture those stories, so real that they speak to the depths that could never be expressed by words. From inner city Atlanta to a remote village in Northern India, I have witnessed the power of visual storytelling breaking the boundaries of culture, religion, race and language. I am a scribe, but not in the traditional sense. My role in the stories of others is to give them a voice through visual storytelling. I want to be the one who understands, who captures the story and amplifies it.

That story could be your story.


The best stories are told with creativity,
Collaborating to tell something real.

2017 – March
Head videographer for a short – form documentary of multigenerational differences between grandmother and grandson in a changing Cuba.

2017 – February
Winner of Beckman Documentary Grant

2016 -August
Became a Roy H. Park Fellow and master’s student in visual communication at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism

2014 – 2016 January
Worked as a photojournalist for the Asia office of the International Mission Board an international NGO.